The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon


What I’d pay for this book: $15 

To sum it up: In a future world where people with clairvoyant abilities are common, a teenage girl with rare powers discovers her world is secretly protected from terrifying man-eating monsters by a powerful race from another world.

Crazy, right?

This is one of the most creative books I have read in awhile. In addition to that, there is a strong female lead who can defend herself, a well-developed world with a fascinating alternate history, and the plot moves along at a quick pace.

I will admit it is a little difficult to get used to the vocabulary that the author uses, but there is an index at the back if you get totally lost. That said, I read the entire book without realizing there was an index and managed to understand it just fine. So you don’t have to look up every term you don’t recognize in the index, which is good because that would get old very fast. There is quite a bit of violence in this book, which didn’t bother me but might be a little much for others. There is also some romance, which added some fun to the story (because who doesn’t want a little romance in their lives?), without becoming the main focus of the plot. This is the first in a series which does not have a second book yet, and you might be left wanting more at the end.

Bottomline: If you can stick with it through the first few chapters and weird vocabulary, you’ll be hooked and probably stay up all night reading because its is pretty exciting plot. I got my e-book copy from the LA library after waiting a couple weeks.


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