Parasite, by Mira Grant











What I’d Pay: $10

To sum it up: Parasites designed to be used for their health benefits start to gain sentience and take over the brains of their human hosts.

This book started out great, but lost a little steam at the end and got a bit awkward.

The story begins with a main character who is recovering from a massive car accident a few years earlier, and is being monitored by the company who gave her a parasitic implant that saved her. The company is secretive and controlling, so it’s pretty obvious from the get go that something’s not quite right with the “health” parasites. Suddenly people on the street randomly start acting like zombies, and this so-called sleeping sickness is being kept hush-hush by the company even though the main character has seen it happen multiple times. There are quite a few suspenseful and creepy parts for the first half of the book, but at some point it just gets a little odd. The dialogue was painfully awkward at times, it was very forced and had too many failed attempts at humor that distracted from the dark atmosphere. It felt like the book suddenly transitioned from a suspenseful, creepy scifi to an attempt at dark comedy, especially one crazy character in particular that did not offer comic relief but instead was just odd.  The main character is totally oblivious to what’s going on around her and it gets very old after awhile. I loved the book at first: the way the chapters are interspersed with articles and pieces of journalistic evidence to make it feel more realistic and the sense of impending doom for the first half of the book were all great. But it just lost me at some point and got boring, repetitive, and predictable. I still want to know what happens and may read the next book eventually, but I was very disappointed in the second half of the book so am not in any hurry.

Bottomline: Good sci-fi book with some creepy elements, but not without its minor flaws. Give it a shot if the idea sounds interesting to you, but be prepared for some awkward dialogue and a main character that is pretty oblivious to all the clues around her. Got this from the LA library after a few weeks wait.

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