Top Ten Characters That Make Me Angry

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This week’s topic is the top ten characters who “__”, and we could fill in the blank with whatever we wanted. I liked one of the suggestions, Top Ten Characters Who Piss Me Off, since I don’t think it will be an easy topic, but it feels good to vent a little sometimes. Some of these characters are bad guys who we aren’t supposed to like as readers, and some are just bad characters in my opinion. Here they are:

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1. Daemon in Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout: How do you even say his name? Demon? Damon? I’m not sure I really care anyway but it is just one of the many things that I really dislike about this character. This guy is a total jerk. I picked this topic mainly because I just finished this book and I couldn’t stand him so it felt appropriate that he would take #1 on this list. Yes, to all the fans of the series, I realize that he does eventually change, he’s hiding a heart of gold, yada-yada… but in this book he is a completely awful, terrible person and I can’t believe he was the romantic lead. Yuck.

2. Tansy in Parasite by Mira Grant: I didn’t really like this book anyway, but her character actually ruined it for me. The one thing the book had going for it was the creepy atmosphere, and this character’s failed attempts at dark humor just totally tanked. She was really weird and didn’t make sense to me as a character.

3. Cinder in Under The Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi: It’s incredibly difficult to talk about why I didn’t like this character without giving away the entire ending of the series, but I will try. Ultimately, I wanted more for this character than what he got. He was a very sympathetic character and he plays a pivotal role in the conclusion of the series, but he doesn’t get much page time throughout the series and as such he just isn’t well-rounded as a character. I felt like he deserved better than that and more than the ending and paltry thanks his character received.

4. The step-father in Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell: I don’t remember his name and I don’t care. He was a disgusting human being that we weren’t supposed to like, obviously, but what ultimately upset me most was that he didn’t get the terrible ending he deserved. In fictional books, I want the bad guys to be punished. That is all.

5. Nick (I think that was his name) in Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: If you’ve ever had someone steal credit for your hard work, then you know why this character pissed me off. Ultimately, we’re not supposed to like him so that’s an appropriate response to his character, but still he just makes me angry.

6. Aidan in The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black: Talk about annoying exes… He has to be rescued from a bunch of crazy vampires by his awesome ex-girlfriend, who he then proceeds to try and attack to get her blood. Very ungrateful.

7. Kiero in Incarceron by Catherine Fisher: He is supposedly the best-friend of one of the main characters, but as far as I could tell he was just a selfish bully. He is clearly out for himself, and while I think we are supposed to understand that he really has a heart of gold under all that nasty, I didn’t see it. I didn’t understand the dynamic between him and his supposed best-friend and I didn’t like his character, simple as that.

8. Orion in the Across the Universe series by Beth Revis: He is completely crazypants. He murders people, explodes things, creates puzzles and riddles to hide the truth, and generally wreaks havoc everywhere. He’s not a likable guy but at the same time his reasons and motivations for doing all these insane things are somewhat understandable. He upset me, but I applaud the author for making complicated and complex characters who aren’t 100% good or bad. It’s hard to like them, but they make the story very interesting.

9. Callie from Fairwick Chronicles by Juliet Dark: She is the main character and the fact that she pissed me off probably explains why I didn’t really like the series very much. I tried to like her in the first book, but I just couldn’t in the later ones. She is incredibly manipulative and so obtuse it gets extremely annoying. Overall just an annoying main character to follow.

10. Bella from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer: I know a lot of people liked Twilight, but I was not one of them. I got through the first book, but just couldn’t force my way through the second one because of Bella’s depressive, frustrating behavior. I would hope that her character grew up a little throughout the series, but I couldn’t take it any longer so I wouldn’t know.




  1. I’ll admit that I’m a big fan of the Lux series, but I did have serious issues with Daemon throughout the first book and most of the second. I appreciated how Katy did recognize and point out how unacceptable his behavior was and how the romance didn’t hit you over the head, and how he has to later come to terms with all of the crap he pulled. But if you didn’t want to continue the series, I understand! (Although I promise that book 2 gives even more characters that would make you angry haha!)

    Also, Nick from Fangirl- I was literally so mad FOR Cath.

    Great list!

    Cristina at Girl in the Pages

    1. That’s true, Katy did repeatedly tell Daemon that he was a jerk. So at least there’s that. I’m not planning on reading the next in the series anytime soon, but who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and give it another shot in the future when I’m not so annoyed. 🙂

  2. I hate Bella!! She is so annoying and depressing. I also read the first book and couldn’t get myself to read any others.

  3. Hahaha… Bella Swan. You’re lucky you stopped reading when you did. I didn’t actually hate Bella after the first book, but I certainly hated her by the end of the series. Actually, I hated all the characters by the end of the series. I was hoping the villains would win and kill everyone (though I knew that would never happen)! Breaking Dawn was awful.

    1. Yuck, sounds miserable! I hate when you feel like you have to finish a series to see what happens and get closure, but can’t stand the characters anymore. Feels like such a chore to read when that happens!

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