Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell

What I’d Pay: $8

To sum it up: As part of computer security, Lincoln reads emails flagged as inappropriate and slowly falls for a girl in the office through the process.

This is a really adorable romantic comedy.

It was an extremely quick read that only took me a couple hours, so it get’s a slightly lower rating because of that. I really liked the main character of Lincoln. He is an awkward, geeky guy who has no luck with girls, but he is also extremely smart, kind, and totally lovable. He doesn’t know what to do with his life and as a result has multiple degrees but no career, and after moving home to save some money he gets a pretty terrible job working computer security at a small newspaper company. Since the setting is late 1999, the computer techs are concerned about Y2K and don’t have the best email monitoring system. So, his job is to read through the office emails flagged as inappropriate and hand out warnings. He doesn’t really know anyone in the office since he works the night shift, but two coworkers in the office constantly get their emails to each other flagged and as he reads them he begins to feel like he knows them. The chapters alternate between the email exchanges between the two friends and Lincoln’s story. Reading their emails really puts you in Lincoln’s shoes and I definitely understood how he felt that he knew them, since I felt that way too. I really liked seeing Lincoln progress throughout the book – he gets motivated to take charge of his life and change the things he doesn’t like about himself.  Ultimately, this is a romantic comedy that ends the way you want it to, but the story is just lovely.

Bottomline: This is a cute romantic comedy that is a fast read. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for something fun to read that just makes you smile. Got this ebook from the LA library after a very long wait.



  1. Attachments was the novel that I wanted to start my Rainbow Rowell adventures in… It doesn’t have the great feedback that some of her other novels have but I thought it would be a nice light read. Well, it had been on my wishlist for some time but then last week I ended up buying Eleanor & Park in ebook format when it was on a really great deal so I guess that will be the first Rainbow Rowell book I’ll delve in to. Although, if truth be told, I’m kind of nervous to because of ALL the positive feedback, that’s why I initially wanted to start with something not likely to disappoint. I know I will get Attachments at some point or other though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. I liked Eleanor and Park for the most part, but it was definitely my least favorite of the Rowell books, and Fangirl my favorite. E&P is also the most teenager-y of her three books, if that makes sense. Just in case you aren’t a huge fan after you read it, I would recommend giving another one a chance. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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