Treat Yo Self Thursday 4-15-14

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At No Money 4 Books, we know that it’s just not possible to buy ourselves every book or bookish item that we’d like, but we should treat ourselves once in awhile! Inspired by Parks and Recreation’s Treat Yo Self Day, this is a chance to share what bookish item you treated yourself to this week.  It can be a book you couldn’t wait any longer for, a great deal you just couldn’t pass up, or even reading paraphernalia such as a shiny new e-reader, cool bookmarks, cute reading glasses… nothing’s too small to include on Treat Yo Self Thursday! Please link back to No Money 4 Books in your post and leave a comment with a link to your Treat Yo Self Thursday post.  And if you didn’t Treat Yo Self to something this week – do it now!

This week I treated myself to a new bookmark! I tend to read mostly ebooks, but I do have a growing stack of physical books that I am sick of dog-earring. I don’t actually have any bookmarks, so I decided to remedy that with a nice, metal bookmark (check out the Etsy store here) that has an phrase I often find myself saying late at night… just one more chapter. But it’s never just one more chapter, is it?

What did you Treat Yo Self to?


  1. What a cute little treat for yourself! Just yesterday I was talking about needing more bookmarks. I prefer metal ones to paper ones but the only metal kind I have are those that go on the actual book pages – which I can’t bring myself to do – and so they just sit loose in my book and then I end up losing pages because the bookmark falls out because my metal ones are of the heavier kind. One like this would be a great solution! And I love the phrase.


    1. Yes, I’m hoping it stays put in my books – bookmarks that fall out of books are a huge pet peeve of mine. I saw some magnetic ones which would solve that problem nicely, but they were all paper and I really wanted a sturdy metal one. If I ever come across a metal, magnetic bookmark – that would be the ultimate bookmark for me. 🙂

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