Top Ten Book Blogger Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week’s topic is our top book blogging confessions – so get ready to learn a little more about me and my reading habits this week!

1. I love Game of Thrones the TV series, but I just couldn’t get through the books even though I love fantasy. Just couldn’t do it.

One of my favorite TV shows mentioning another one? Yes.

2. I’ll admit it: I originally started blogging so I could get free books to review. Now I love chatting with the community about books we love, but it was a pretty mercenary beginning.

Give it to me! (Stephen Colbert)

Books. Now. Thank you.

3. I read mostly ebooks. I love actual books but I just don’t have enough room in my home, or my purse, to store and carry as many books as I need at any given time. In fact, if I had physical copies of all the books I read, I’d probably have to start replacing furniture with books, like this:

4. I haven’t been in a physical library in a few years because I just get ebooks and audio books online from the library website! It’s sad actually – I miss the library.


5. Until recently, I would read the ending of every book I picked up first to make sure it sounded good. I’m not as bad anymore, but only because of extreme self control. I still give into the urge to check out the ending first once in awhile…

6. I dog ear and break the spines of books because it’s more comfortable to read them that way. They look well-loved. I get annoyed when people lend me books and say not to do either of these things – I don’t really want to borrow their books after that.

Break In a Hardcover Book (Without Ruining the Spine)

For those of you that really, really care about this.

7. I think hardcovers are silly. Maybe for my favorite books of all time, but honestly I’d still prefer the paperback or ebook! Hardcovers are too bulky and heavy, and prevent me from being able to fold over the covers.

You're reading a book?

 8. Some people are very picky about the covers of their series matching, but I’m just not that way. My Harry Potter series is even worse than normal because I was given the first book as a gift in paperback, but bought the others as soon as they came out so they are hardcovers. I never bought the first in hardcover to match them up… Oh well!

My HP set does not look as nice as this one…

9. Sometimes I don’t buy books in bookstores just because I’m worried about being judged for my reading habits or hearing snarky comments by cashiers about my book choices. But at least I don’t go into bookstores dressed like this:

10. On a similar note, I only recently told my friends and family about my blog because I wasn’t sure what they’d think. I was also hesitant to admit hat I read mostly sci-fi, fantasy, and young adult fiction, and not more serious “adult fiction” or classics. But everyone seems to think it’s cool, so I’m glad I finally shared!




  1. I know what you mean about Game of Thrones. I feel like I know soooo much about the universe and characters (from the show and my boyfriend is a huge fan of the books) but I just can’t bring myself to make the commitment to the series, and since it’s high fantasy it seems like a bit of a chore (I read the first few chapter of book one and couldn’t really get into it). I also would take a paperback over a hardcover any day (I wish books would just be released initially in paperback!) and I’ve never met anyone else who’s the same way! I really enjoyed reading your post this week, your confessions were so interesting! Which titles in particular have you had store employees make snarky comments about? That would make me so mad!

    1. Yay for paperbacks! I wish they were released immediately too, there are a few books I’m waiting on buying because I’d like the physical copies but not hardcover- like the last in the Grisha series! I can’t recall any exact comments from cashiers but I’ve definitely had them ask who I’m buying the book for… and I’m like, actually it’s for me. Or comment that the book is their kid sister’s favorite or something along those lines. Just kind of annoying lol.

  2. I’m one of those people that doesn’t mark their books in any way. Please don’t hate me! 😉 I give a lot of my books away to charity, and I like to think that their new owner will love the condition they’re in!

  3. People being worried about spines cracking drives me crazy – my partner being one of those people. Haha! A book is supposed to be read, and loved, not kept in mint condition. I love it when a book is a little battered and bruised, it shows character.

  4. I hardly ever buy books but I get the same “omg are they judging my choices” when I’m at the library! I’ve only started reading Harry Potter this year and I’m 20. So I’ll be at the library desk getting things like Coraline and Harry Potter out and inwardly blushing. XD
    My TTT!

    1. Haha I hate feeling that way but I know exactly how you feel! I try to remind myself not to be ashamed at the amazing books I’m reading, but sometimes when people comment it does make me self conscious. I hope you’re enjoying HP!! I was just thinking it might be time for an epic series re-read.

    1. I’m glad you appreciated the instructions on how to not break the book spine lol. I thought it was funny – people care about it so much to make such a nice diagram. 🙂

  5. I am with you on the Game of Thrones thing. I actually went to the bookstore last night as thought about picking it up but decided not to. I will probably just buy it second hand. I thought that I was the only book blogger out there who didn’t care if their series books matched or preferred the paperback versions. They just take up less room and are more versatile. I have also told no one about my blog and I dread the checkout line at bookstores. I just don’t want them judging me hardcore on my interests. Especially if I picked up a particularly embarrassing book like one with some romance or that book I bought just because it had dragons on it. Great list!

  6. Okay… 1. I love that table and now I think I need to make myself one. 2. I would totally go to the library like that if I could pull off the costume. Just so I could enjoy the reactions. 3. I am not a fan of hardback books either. They make me nervous. I always feel like they should stay pristine, but with a paperback it’s just “oh, well I guess that page will have some water stains” or “hmm…I probably shouldn’t have shoved that book in my bag and bent the cover.” Much more lax.

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