Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful, The Broke and the Bookish!

This week’s topic is focused on other formats for stories we love – such as TV shows! I watch a lot of TV, it’s one of my favorite ways to relax other than reading. So choosing ten shows that I really enjoy shouldn’t be too hard.

1. Scandal. This is my favorite show. I love it. It’s incredibly dramatic and I am always shocked by something in every episode. Plus, the main character is a strong, smart female who can take charge of stressful situations while maintaining her sexiness and femininity – we need more shows like that. Also, Kerry Washington might be my favorite actress.


2. Once Upon A Time. This is another favorite of mine – I love how they have taken the fairy tales we are all familiar with and shaken them up a bit. There are recognizable elements in every storyline, but enough that is different and original to keep me guessing.


3. The Mindy Project. Mindy Khaling is so funny and her show is great. It took awhile for it to really hit a groove, but I really enjoyed the second season and laughed so hard at some scenes my boyfriend paused his videogame to see what was so great. Also, I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy, and that’s exactly what this series is.

4. Parks and Recreation. This is my favorite comedy series of all time. I even named my weekly meme, Treat Yo Self Thursday, after a recurring event in the show. It consistently makes me laugh so hard that I tear up. I’ll admit the first season is a bit rocky but if you stick with it through that you will be so, so, SO glad you did. Watch it now, seriously – treat yo self!

I do love mimosas.

5. Community. This is another great comedy series, but what makes it unique are the episodes that take cliches from great movies and combine them in funny ways. For instance, the paintball episode that pulls elements from multiple action movies and creates a ridiculous, hysterical episode.

6. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. So these are not really TV shows with a storyline, but I watch every episode so it seemed wrong not to include them. I love the satire and the funny segments that all serve to point out something ridiculous in our society that we should be aware of, and hopefully, try to fix. I’ll admit, this is one of the main ways I get my news. I’ll miss The Colbert Report in the future when he takes over for Letterman, but I am looking forward to the new show!

7. Veronica Mars. I have been watching the old seasons of Veronica Mars recently and I still have the third season ahead of me! Once I get through them, I plan on watching the movie and picking up the books as well. I really enjoy the mysteries and suspense in the show, and there are so many famous actors that have guest roles on different episodes – it’s always fun to see them pop up in different episodes. Plus, Veronica Mars is a tough, smart, snarky female lead who is basically amazing.

8. Kamisama Hajimemashita. Yes, I watch anime. This particular anime series is based on a much longer manga, but the short anime series is a self-contained story arc that is completely adorable! After watching the series on Netflix, I actually went and read the manga because I wanted more of these characters. It’s a cute romantic comedy that I definitely recommend.

Seriously, this show is so adorable.

9. Old Glee. I have to specify “old” Glee because the show is just not the same anymore. I loved the first few seasons, but I’ve stopped watching since it’s really gone downhill. But, if you enjoy musicals and drama, you really can’t beat the first couple seasons!

Oh, the good old Glee days.

10. Grey’s Anatomy. This series makes the very end of my list because I have watched it since it’s beginning – 10 full seasons! It’s changed so much over that time, with so many different storylines and actors, but with the loss of one of the main characters this season, I’ve decided it’s time to stop watching. I feel that, like with Glee, this is one of those TV shows that was so amazing for awhile but is feeling it’s age.

It just won’t be the same without one half of the amazing, central friendship.


  1. I’m super stoked that Community got renewed by Yahoo. There’s a uniqueness in the comedy in that show that I can’t seem to find elsewhere (or maybe it’s just my imagination?).

    And I can definitely feel you with the Old Glee perspective. It’s not even about being unable to live up to the previous generation of glee-kids standards but more-so that the shift in care follows these graduates elsewhere and so the tropes of finding one’s voice in a glee club in high school becomes kind of tacky and boring. Or maybe that’s just me…

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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