Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week’s topic features the authors I own the most books from – some of them are my favorite authors and others are authors whose series I own. There are very few authors who make my auto-buy list, but there are a few on this list whose books I will always buy because I think they are that amazing. Since I am out of town, please feel free to comment but forgive my inability to respond because I have no internet!

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1. JK Rowling – Owning the entire Harry Potter series definitely gets Rowling on my list of most-owned authors!

2. Jane Austen – I own almost all her books – something I intend to fix soon.

3. Rainbow Rowell – I own Fangirl, and have read Eleanor and Park and Attachments. Fangirl was by far my favorite, but I just love Rowell’s style and enjoy her books in general. I haven’t picked up Landline yet, but I will soon!

4. Marissa Meyer – The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series of all time. After reading those books, I will now read anything else Meyer writes because I think she is brilliant in this series and I can’t imagine her writing something bad.

5. Jay Kristoff – Again, I love the Lotus War series and now I’m just excited to read his books – whatever they are! He has a sci-fi book written with Amie Kaufman (Illuminae) coming out in 2015 and I already have it on my to-read list!

6. Agatha Christie – I don’t own a ton of Christie’s books, maybe about 5, but in my library that’s a lot of books by a single author.

7. CS Lewis – I have the Chronicles of Narnia series as well as some of his other works that I read in school, in total it’s around 9 books.

8. Lisa Kleypas – When you want a good, historical romance novel, Kleypas never fails to deliver a great story. I own only a handful of them myself.

9. PC Cast – I own many of her books but haven’t read them in awhile and don’t actually recall which ones I have…

10. Holly Black – Okay, so I have to admit I don’t actually own any of her books but I have read and loved so many of them that this list is not complete without her!



  1. I collect Rowell and Meyer books too! I really need to read a Jay Kristoff book sometime. Thanks for sharing your most-collected authors!

  2. I dislike those ‘almost’ complete collections – I have a lot of those that I intend to rectify in the future.

    Agatha Christie is an author whose work I would like to start gathering a vast amount of in my book collection.

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