What I’d Pay: Ratings Explained

I love to read. I speed through books at a rate that is unhealthy for my bank account. Since I don’t have the money to support my dangerous reading habit, I am an avid library user and save my few book purchases for those I absolutely must have. Which means some of my worst disappointments have come from books I purchased that didn’t live up to expectations at all. Because of this, I tend to personally rate books by how much money I would be willing to pay for them without being disappointed in my purchase. This is not the traditional five star method, but my hope is that sharing my ratings will help someone else avoid similar book buying regret.  Here’s a rough estimate of what my monetary ratings equate to:

$0-3: Just bad. I wish I could have back the time I spent on this book.

$4-7: An okay read but nothing super special.

$8-11: A good book.

$12-15: A great read, definitely look for this one.

$15+: Don’t miss this one. A book in this category could be life-changing because I don’t shell out cash like this lightly.


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